Alexis Breeze


My Background:
On my father’s side, I am Italian, Spanish, and Mexican. On my mother’s side, I am Apache Indian and Mexican. So pretty much I’ve got just about every hot culture mixed in me that’s humanly possible.
When I was in Elementary school, I lived in Laguna Beach until I was about 10 years old. Next, I moved to Corona for Middle School. At 15, I moved to Los Angeles and pretty much stayed there to this day. After graduating High School, I attended American Career College and got my Pharmacy Tech license. After working as a Pharmacy Tech for about a year, my friend Ice La Fox introduced me to the adult entertainment industry.
Adult Industry:
I performed in the industry for only 3 months and left it for several years. Now, in 2008, I’ve decided to come back to the industry to please my fans and I intend on making a name for myself.
Here are some of my box covers of videos that I have done.
The Future:
For now, I want to participate in the sexiest videos to fulfill my wildest fantasies. But in the future, I would like to produce my own videos, and direct them as well.

Love, Alexis.




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